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Pregnancy Chiropractic is Vital to a Woman’s Health

Pregnancy Chiropractic is Vital to a Woman’s Health

Pregnancy and child birth take the biggest toll on a woman’s body of any other event in their life time.

One of the most common problems associated with both pregnancy and post child birth, is lower back pain and sciatica nerve pain. Babies place enormous strain on the lower half of the body and this causes lower back pain.

After a child is born, a woman can also suffer from lower and upper back pain from holding children or from nursing. However, there are treatments that can aid in transforming the body back to its previous child bearing state.

One such treatment is pregnancy chiropractic care.

Doctors tend to overprescribe anti-depressants and pain killers to ward off the post baby blues and pain. But these medications can cause serious long-term damage to mothers. A safer alternative is pregnancy chiropractic care.

This non-invasive form of medical care can safely eliminate pain without the use of medications. Chiropractic care was shown to provide up to 91% of women with complete relief from their symptoms.

Not only is pregnancy chiropractic care good for women who have just given birth, but it is also perfect for women who are PMSing.

Pregnancy Chiropractic care and PMS

In addition to pregnancy, chiropractic care services are also extremely beneficial for women who experience severe PMS symptoms.

There are over 110 million work hours missed every year by women who cannot work because of their PMS symptoms.

That number can be radically reduced if chiropractic care were used to treat symptoms. As with pregnancy, many women who are suffering from PMS are given medications like birth control to manage their pain and emotions, but a simple trip the chiropractor can ease these issues and restore balance to any female body.

A study conducted on women suffering from PMS revealed that during PMS their spines were severely misaligned.

This points to the fact that PMS symptoms are related to the spine and are directly affected by its current state. Another smaller study showed that over the course of 4 menstrual cycles, 10 PMS symptoms decreased after chiropractic care was given to the patient.

Regardless if you are a mother or your body is preparing to be one, chiropractic treatments can help balance your body, align your spine, and release tension throughout your body. It is up to you to take the initiative and seek out the proper treatment for your symptoms.

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