Client Testimonials

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  • I first came to Dr. Gallucci in July of 2011.  Since I am a member of Curves I was introduced to the office at a health screening that was held there.  I had been suffering from hip pain for several years that felt like a toothache and constant headaches that I had all my life.  I never saw anyone for the headaches and just learned how to deal with them or take aspirin to help make the pain go away.  As for the hip, I knew it was becoming more of an issue, especially with sitting for a long period of time.  After several months of chiropractic care, my headaches have disappeared! My hip still aches at times, but the pain does not last long and moving or stretching helps relieve the ache.

     -A.M., Headache and Migraine Chiropractic

  • About two years ago, I started to have pain in my low back and T-1 area.  My mom and I thought that if we ignored it, it would go away. It just got worse. About three months ago, I came to Vital Health in Moon Township. My hips and shoulders were uneven because I play tennis, but the adjustments have helped me gain better balance. My back has felt so much better, too. I had another problem though. My knees started to hurt with playing tennis 3-4 times a week. Since Dr. Leah has been helping me, my knees barely hurt now! My results continue to improve, and I am so HAPPY! 

    Z.D., Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

  • I would like to write this as a thank you for all Choice Chiropractic has done for me over the past year.  Chiropractic adjustments have greatly helped me! You have aided me in bringing a beautiful baby girl into this world.  Through the summer… hot summer, I came to the office seeking pain relief for sciatica caused by my pregnancy, and the adjustments even assisted in helping me to turn her in the womb when she was breech.  I believe all of these things helped me to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! 

    S.W., Pregnancy Chiropractic