Are you overwhelmed by chiropractors and their unique set of skills? If so, you’re not alone. To help you overcome your apprehension, Andrew Bang, DC, from Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine recommends, “Think of a chiropractor as a doctor who cares for any kind of muscle joint or bone pain.”

To put it simply, chiropractors supplement the medical care you receive from a traditional doctor. Here are three more things you should know about chiropractors and why you should consider seeing one on a regular basis.

Chiropractors treat more than the Back and Neck

Chiropractors treat the pain throughout the body. This includes the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and pelvis, knees and ankles. Virtually anywhere there is a joint there is a treatment offered by a chiropractor.  Chiropractors look at the entire musculoskeletal system and treat the root of the problem.

A few complementary pain treatments they offer include:

  • Headaches
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Generalized Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors cannot prescribe medication

Because chiropractors do not prescribe medication, they are forced to think outside the box and use alternative techniques. While many people would rather take a pill than change their lifestyle, the benefits of using chiropractic care far outweigh any inconvenience along the way. However, they can prescribe this care according to your needs. This might include:

  • Soft-tissue therapy
  • Adjustments
  • Joint bracing
  • Exercise and stretches

3 Things You Should Know About Chiropractors 

The ultimate goal is to restore your health in the

long term

, so a chiropractor focuses on uncovering your story and what causes you pain to begin with. How you move, stand and sit throughout the day has a tremendous impact on your health, and a chiropractor can show you where improvements can be made. From the correct positioning of your desk to the way you sleep, chiropractors will offer you customized preventative care to get you moving the right way.

A chiropractor provides alternative solutions for treating your aches and pain, and if that sounds like something you could use, then get to a chiropractor right away.

General Chiropractic care is important to your overall health and well-being.  At Vital Health Chiropractic in Moon Townhsip, PA we pride ourselves on getting to know our patients and how we can help them best! Stop in today for a free consultation or contact us to learn more.