New research published in Spine indicates that chiropractic may be a better treatment option for those who suffer from chronic back pain rather than medical care.

The research came after a controlled and random trial that was made up of 107 adults who had experienced lower back pain within 12 weeks of the study.Each individual within the study was given one of three treatments. The first was manual-thrust manipulation (MTM), the second was mechanical-assisted manipulation (MAM), and the third was usual medical care (UMC).

Each individual manipulation group received a total of eight treatment sessions over the course of four weeks.

The UMC group on the other hand, received three visits during the same time period. The participants were asked to rate their improvement in pain and mobility immediately after receiving treatment and also three and six months afterwards. The results where surprising to say the least.

After completing their treatment sessions, MTM patients “showed a statistically significant advantage” over the MAM and UMC group participants. In addition to this significant reduction in pain and increased mobility, the MTM patients also had scored higher on the disability side of the test (76 of them) in comparison to the MAM and UMC participants (50 percent and 48 percent).

Specifically in regards to chronic pain, MTM patients (94 percent of them) reported less back pain, in comparison to just 69 percent of MAM and 56 percent of UMC patients.

Despite the fact that all participants improved, the result show definitely that those who received manual manipulation saw significant reductions in pain and disability at the end of their treatment. Obviously, chiropractic care is by far one of the best methods of reducing pain and discomfort.

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