The debate over prescription pain killers is a long-winded one. People from around the world’s leading medical industries have come to the rescue of painkillers in the most vehement manner.

However, America is suffering from a chronic trend in abuse and misuse of prescription pain killers.

Typically, painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin are prescribed for chronic pain associated with cancer or other long-term illness that cause pain. However, doctors have become complacent with some offshoots of these painkillers assuming that they are safe for single use prescriptions.

Unfortunately, it only takes a matter of weeks for someone to become addicted to them.

Current prescription opioid use has shot past the rate of previous decades. This increase in use is related to a 300 percent increase in prescriptions in just the last 10 years.

According to research, derivatives of hydrocodone such as Vicodin are now amongst the most commonly prescribed medications in the US.

This increase in prescription rate has come with a grotesque mortality rate. Today an average of 46 people per day die from a prescription drug overdose. Compare that rate with those of the 1990s and you’ll see a near 400 percent increase. An additional 30 more people per day go to the ER suffering from side effects from painkillers as well.

So this begs the question, what is the FDA doing about these powerful prescription medications? According to the FDA, the benefits of these drugs are greater than the risks they present.

In fact, the FDA recently approved a new long-lasting version of hydrocodone. The drug is called Zohydro ER, and it’s supposed to be safer than its fast acting counterpart. Stricter labeling has also been put in place by the FDA.

Regardless of the FDA’s approval of these medications, it is best to take care of your own health by educating yourself.

Consider a few mistaken beliefs regarding painkillers and how you can avoid them.

“Only drug addicts have drug overdoses”

This is false. Nearly 60 percent of all overdoses happen to individuals who have been legally prescribed the medication. Addiction can happen to anyone.

“Painkillers are completely safe for chronic pain

While opioids are typically safe for short-term pain, they can quickly turn deadly when used long-term. Limit your use to a few weeks to avoid developing an addiction.

Instead of depending upon opioids for pain relief, focus on easing pain with natural methods and less addictive medications. Doing so will save yourself greater pain in the long run.

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