Like adults, children need exercise as part of their chiropractic treatment. The question is, it is safe for children to work out with resistance equipment. How much weight should a child use in their exercise? What exercises are the best for these children?

Because of these concerns, many chiropractors hesitate to encourage parents to instruct their children to do certain exercises. Let’s take a look at what a reasonable solution is based on scientific information.

Prepubescence is the state in a child’s life where they are about to take on their secondary sex characteristics. Rapid growth during this stage is common. Changes in muscles and ligaments occurs quickly.

As a child enters adolescence, he or she continues to advance in sexual maturity and the skeletal system also changes. Choosing exercises based on the child’s physical growth is important.

Benefits of exercise include weight control, improved habits and structure, and fitness. One study showed that the amount of moderate to vigorous activity students achieve during elementary and middle-school physical education classes was as little as 8.6% in elementary and 16.1% in middle schools. This is less than the estimated national average of 27%, and far below the recommended minimum of 50%.

Other concerns around high-intensity resistance training may not be valid in preadolescents. It seems that children can make strength gains when compared to adolescents or adults. Resistance training has little negative effect, but rather increases strength.

When controlled, supervised and properly executed, children benefit in bone deposition. Just like adults, avoiding overload should be a focus of the exercise. Repetitions provide plenty of benefit without additional weight being added.

A well-designed exercise routine for children who need to increase their balance, strength, and fitness levels can work wonders towards building a life of health and happiness.

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