D.D. Palmer, author of a 1913 chiropractic text, noted that the body is directly affected by the three T’s- thoughts, trauma, and toxins.

Today, modern chiropractic practice largely ignores the effect that the mind has on the body’s nervous system however, it is important to note that no muscle within the body can move without nerves telling them to.

So how does this relate to chiropractic subluxation?

Let’s start with trauma.

It is not surprising that the body can easily become misaligned if it experiences any form of physical trauma. Babies exiting their mother’s body are twisted and turned until they fully exit the birth canal.

During this traumatic experience their bodies can easily become misaligned. The only relief for such a situation is an alignment.

This is also the case where an injury of some sort occurs and directly impacts the spinal cord. Muscle splinting causes the body to heal itself out of alignment, which makes proper alignment an urgent concern for individuals who experience such trauma.

Thoughts are also a cause of subluxation. Chemical reactions inside of the brain relate to the nervous system and guide it in making a decision based off of the fight-or-flight response.

If the nervous system does perceive a threat it will send signals to the muscles and bones to hold in place. Over time, this leads to a misalignment of the spine and a malfunction of the proper muscle and bone configuration.

Toxins react in a similar way as thoughts do, and can force the nervous system to send out the wrong signals to the muscles and cause dramatic problems within the body.

It is important to realize that much of the nervous system is impacted by our subconscious mind and by the thoughts we consciously think. By changing our own thoughts to positivity and happiness we can alter the state of our body and live a happier life in the process.

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