Accidents, aging, and herniated discs are common for many adults in America. The pain caused by these injuries and conditions often leaves individuals wondering where to turn to next.

For many, the journey towards restored health begins in the doctor’s office. For others, it starts with a trip to a chiropractor. Ultimately, the decision is up to the person experiencing pain, but there is real relief available in the form of chiropractic care.

Many choose chiropractic care initially to avoid risky surgery, painful spinal injections, and other more invasive therapies. The result is not only increased mobility and a reduction in pain, but also a cost-effective alternative to more expensive medical treatment.

When medical treatment is the first course of action, patients may find themselves on the other end of mounting medical bills, multiple prescriptions and frequent trips to the doctor’s office.

Not only is this draining on the mind and body, but it also drains the bank account. Many Americans find themselves in a heap of bills that they cannot begin to repay, only because of the high cost of medical treatments.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to this long and expensive process. Chiropractic care is proven to reduce outpatient surgeries by 43% in patients with serious back injuries, and a 51% reduction in prescription and pharmaceutical costs.

Another shocking study shows that only 1.3% of patients receiving chiropractic care for low back pain went on to need lumbar spine surgery. In contrast, those who saw a surgeon first ended up in surgery 43% of the time.

Patients who seek out chiropractic care experience less downtime, fewer medical bills, and greater recovery and mobility after treatment. After receiving quality chiropractic care, patients are healthier and more comfortable all thanks to this affordable treatment option.

Consider chiropractic care if you experience lower back pain, and save yourself from unnecessary medical bills and invasive surgeries in the process.

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