The American office place has been hailed for eliminating workplace hazards. However, that statement may not necessarily be true. There are, in fact, many dangers to working at an office. We have outlined a few of those down below.

Being Chained to Your Desk

Research has consistently showed that sitting for prolonged amounts of time can be extremely bad for your health. Office workers frequently complain of sore wrists, backs, arms, and necks thanks to the amount of time they sit at their desks. The American Chiropractic Association states that back pain contributes to obesity and psychological stress. Sitting at a desk for countless hours of the day, therefore, comes with a host of adverse conditions.

Eye Strain & Other Issues from Computers

The position of your computer in comparison to the eyes and neck directly affects the health of the body. Improperly placed and adjusted computer chairs, for example, can cause eyestrain. It is therefore important to be proactive about how office workers align themselves according to their computer.

Repetitive wrist injuries are another frequent problem caused by computer/office work. Over time, repetitive wrist injuries can cause disabling pain from disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unhealthy Food Options

Vending machines and fast food are a staple for most office workers. Often, office workers splurge on vending machine food simply because their breaks are infrequent which leads to binge eating. Additionally, roughly 62% of American’s eat lunch at their desk, contributing to poor food choices and bad eating habits.

Improve Your Fitness At Work

Although the aforementioned ‘negative’ consequences are common for office workers, you can offset them by doing the following:

  • Stand instead of sitting whenever possible at work
  • Take frequent breaks when possible to stretch and loosen your muscles
  • Walk or bike to work instead of driving or taking public transportation.

Do your utmost to take at least 7,000 steps per day and take a break every 45 minutes to stay healthy and fit while working at an office job.

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