If you are not familiar with what is known as traumatic birth syndrome, you’d probably be surprised to know a study made in Germany showed that more than half of infants may be suffering from different types of injuries to the neck, spine, and other parts of the body leading to various types of health issues.

And the rate is higher in the US based on the World Factbook. According to Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Abraham Towbin, even under the most ideal circumstances, the process of birth can be possibly traumatic and may even cripple the fetus.

In fact, according to Dr. Towbin, brain stem and spinal injuries can happen during the infant’s delivery. When the baby’s lung function is negatively affected, it may result in the baby’s death, and those who survive may suffer from harsh nervous system problems.

The problem becomes more serious if the infant does not manifest any symptoms of injury. These symptoms may appear later when they have fully grown and you can just imagine its effect on the life as a whole of the individual affected.

Why Family Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Is Important

The part of the body which is critical to a baby’s growth and physical development is the neck and it cannot afford to suffer an injury that remains uncorrected. The reason behind this is because injuries in the neck can affect the brain stem, and when it does, all the vital functions of the body become constrained.

Parents should always keep in mind that this thing can happen even if there are indications or none.

An injury on the neck can immediately immobilize the entire body, just like what happened to Superman actor Christopher Reeve when he fell from a horse and broke a bone on his neck.  After the accident, he was unable to breathe without the help of a ventilator and he cannot move his bowels on his own, and the injury was on the neck, not in the lungs or bowels.

This only proves that, as already mentioned, when the spine is injured, most of the body’s essential functions become impaied.

This is precisely the point. When the neck is injured, the entire body is affected.

When there is an injury to the spine, the organs and systems supplied by those nerves become impaired. This can negatively change the course of an individual’s life if not fixed right away.

A healthy spine will guarantee proper infant development. That is the reason why you should not wait until the manifestation of symptoms of neck injuries before you seek medical help. As early as you can, set up an appointment with a family chiropractic professional who can fix neck injuries whether there are symptoms of none.

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