Child healthcare requires a level of care that is not necessarily common place when caring for adults.

When it comes to general Chiropractic care, parents may be hesitant or have concerns that need to be answered immediately. To better address these concerns consider the following information.

Two Models of Health: Biomedical and Social Science

In order to properly care for children one must fully understand these two areas of the health field.

Health in the general sense, is dependent upon both social and physical factors. In order for a child to be truly healthy they must be both mentally and physically strong.

Chiropractic treatments often employ biomedical and social science fields during treatment.

Biomedical refers to the physical symptoms and their progress throughout treatment, and social science refers to the changes in perception during treatment. Children are less impacted by social science than they are by the biomedical sphere.

Eliminate Inconsistencies

In order to receive accurate and efficient information on our patient’s progress we must not allow personal philosophy to get in the way of science.

To do this effectively we must follow a consistent procedure and method of obtaining information. For example, ask questions such as, is the child’s spine healthier after a chiropractic visit?

What is the child’s trend towards health?

Is the child’s mental and emotional health improved with general chiropractic treatment?

Become Accountable for Your Treatment

As chiropractors it is common to focus more on treating the symptom rather than on improving clients overall health.

However, our goal should be to be accountable for treatment options. We need to be careful not to miss the overall implications of our actions in general chiropractic study.

When we are accountable we offer safer, more reliable alternative treatment and benefit our clients in the process.

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