Healthy Back Tips

  1. Healthy Diet—Nutrition plays an important role in repairing the body. Organic, unrefined foods support a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Exercise—Avoid strenuous workouts. Instead, focus on any exercise that gets you moving, even just taking a walk can make a big difference.
  3. Check your Posture—Avoid cramping your neck and shoulders and keep your back supported.
  4. Get Support—Spend money on a good pillow, chair and mattress. You use them more than you think.
  5. Stretch it out—Allow your spine and back to straighten by stretching frequently. Particularly before exercising or playing sports. It’s equally important to stretch throughout the day to loosen your muscles and prevent injury.
  6. Keep it lite—Don’t overload your purse with things you don’t need. Carry any weight with both shoulders and don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket.
  7. Visit a Chiropractic Doctor Regularly—Adjustments are a critical element in keeping your spine and muscles flexible and injury free. If you’re experiencing stress or have recently become pregnant, this is all the more important.

A healthy spine is critical to the health of your entire body. A self-care program that involves seeing a chiropractor along with exercising and eating well, can keep you out of the emergency room. If you’re extremely active, this becomes all the more important.

If you suffer from chronic issues like arthritis or disc injuries, you need to commit to a proper self-care routine. Enjoying a full range of flexibility is possible, it’s simply up to you to make it happen. Use these tips as a basis for your spinal health, and avoid any future problems in the process.

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