As a child, we all heard it. “Straighten up, stand up straight” etc.

Our parents tried their hardest to make us stand tall and carry ourselves the right way.

As adults, we may not necessarily follow their advice. Many of us spend hours hunched over laptops or mobile devices. But chiropractors are taking the place of our parents, and are urging adults to straighten up their posture for improved spinal health.

With this in mind, what are some poor examples of posture and how can you avoid them?

What are some examples of poor posture?

Let’s start with Hollow Back. This condition occurs when your back’s natural curvature is out of alignment due to poor posture.

The scientific name for this is hyperlordosis.

This alignment causes your lower back to be arched, and protrudes your pelvis and ribcage out of their normal position.

It can even move your tailbone to point backwards. This weakens your abdominal muscles, hamstrings and hip flexors. Often times, Hollow Back causes low back pain and many other musculoskeletal conditions.

On the other hand, you can try too hard to stand up straight. Good posture doesn’t necessarily mean rigidness or locked knees and muscles.

In fact, proper posture allows your body to stand naturally, without any effort on your part. By standing “at attention” as it were, you can end up with hypokyphosis which causes your head to protrude and your shoulder blades to tilt forward.

Once again, this will weaken your abdominals, hamstrings and hip flexors. More often than not this leads to low back pain and hip and knee pain if left unchecked.

Proper Posture

With improper posture out of the way, what is the right way to hold your body? The best way to carry yourself is naturally.

Stand up straight, but not too straight and allow your spine to remain neutral while your abdomen is braced. Avoid locking your knees and invest in a good pair of shoes.

Although it may feel “out-of-sorts” at first, over time this posture will become natural and contribute to a healthier spine!

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