The American Chiropractic Association has recently proclaimed May to be “Correct Posture Month.” This month people everywhere are encouraged to recognize their posture’s effect on their spinal health. According to the ACA, poor posture in everyday life can irritate and compound common spinal injuries and back pain.

Keeping correct posture throughout the day is essential to maintaining proper spinal health throughout your life, according to the ACA and doctors of chiropractic science. Correct posture and optimal health begins with proper awareness, with is the end goal of “Correct Posture Month.”

By informing the public of the consequences of poor posture, the populace can become more productive and active in society. In fact, it is widely recognized that the science of chiropractic health and the doctors who practice chiropractic care, have contributed to a healthier citizenry by providing quality care.

Throughout “Correct Posture Month”, chiropractic doctors will be extending a variety of services to help heal individuals suffering from the effects of poor posture. Most chiropractic offices are offering special discounts on their treatments in an effort to bring greater awareness to the injury and damage poor posture can cause.

Although it can be difficult to maintain good posture throughout the day, particularly at the modern workplace, it is extremely important to implement.

The spine bends and moves with the body, but when left in a rigid position, it is damaged and can easily be injured. The key is to maintain proper posture in combination with frequent chiropractic care.

By aligning the spine when necessary, and continually maintaining proper posture, everyone can achieve optimum spinal health. Through “Correct Posture Month”, awareness for spine health will undoubtedly grow which is the ACA’s goal.

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