Herniated Discs are one of the most common issues amongst back injuries. Herniated discs are just one term used to describe this disorder of the spine. Other terms include slipped discs, prolapsed disc, and bulging disc.

However, before discussing the details of this disorder and how chiropractic treatment can help, we need to discuss what this disorder is and what causes it.

Let’s start with what the discs are. In our spinal column we have vertebrae and we also have discs in between these vertebrae which cushion the spine from shock.

Whether from sudden movements or simply from forward and back motions, the discs are there to protect us from damage. These circular pads consist of a hard exterior layer and a soft watery interior layer. The discs are connected to the vertebrae both above and below it.

When an individual suffers from lower back pain or even pain in the lower portion of their body, along with weak and aching legs the likely culprit is a herniated disc. When a disc is herniated it becomes dry and no longer receives nutrients from the body’s blood stream. Blood flow and hydration are crucial to proper disc movement.

The causes of herniated discs vary. Many of them are simply caused from the aging process and are a result of a lack of nutrition in the diet or even dehydration caused by medications, however the primary factor is the distribution of these fluids throughout the body.

When this is hindered a herniated disc will likely result. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking and even sports injuries can cause this disorder. Individuals between the ages of 30 and 40 years old experience the greatest difficulty with herniated discs.

Although the most common treatment for this disorder is a combination of medications and even surgery, there is an alternative solution.

That solution is chiropractic treatment.

Non-invasive treatment of this and many other disorders is a Chiropractor’s specialty. Through both manipulation of the muscles and other external adjustment methods, Chiropractors can heal a herniated disc.

Because they tailor sessions for each of their clients, their techniques are much more effective than a General Practice physician.

If you are suffering from a herniated disc contact an experienced chiropractor today, and experience the relief they can offer. Do so sooner rather to prevent further injury.

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