The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has begun the highly criticized process of providing veterans with access to chiropractic care in the VA system. This comes after Congress enacted a series of statutes that guarantee permanent chiropractic benefits within the VA health care system.

These new laws also direct the VA to hire doctors of chiropractic to offer their services to veterans.

Public Law 108-170 and Public Law 107-135 are the two congressional directives that make it possible for veterans to receive the chiropractic care they so desperately need. These services can be attained via hired or contracted staff in 47 of the largest VA treatment facilities in the United States. Unfortunately, there are still problems with the VA and chiropractic care.

The overwhelming majority of veterans don’t have access to these treatments because the VA has not taken action to include this service at more than 100 of its major facilities.

Despite the evidence that indicates the needs and the benefits of chiropractic care, the VA still has a major disparity within the organization. Veterans are in desperate need of these services, but have been overlooked by an organization that doesn’t seem to be concerned with their needs.

Recent VA data shows that “diseases of musculoskeletal system/connective system,” including back pain, is the number one ailment of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who receive treatment from the VA.

There are various sources offered through the VA where veterans can find and source the ideal providers for their needs.

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