If you’d like to start receiving chiropractic care, but aren’t quite sure if Medicare will cover the service, then we’re here to help. It’s important to realize Medicare does offer limited coverage of Chiropractic care. 

Medicare Part B covers the manipulation of the spine when deemed necessary by a medical doctor.

Of course, a qualified practitioner must conduct the procedure. Additionally, Medicare will cover 80 percent of the costs while you would pay 20 percent of the Medicare approved amount.

Your Part B deductible will also apply if you haven’t already met it. Any additional X-Rays or tests required by your Chiropractor will be your responsibility.

Depending on what, if any, Medicare supplements you have, you may be responsible for a greater or lesser amount of the bill. If your chiropractor accepts assignment then he or she would only bill you up to the Medicare approved amount.

This means you would only be responsible for the 20 percent approved amount. If they do not, you would be responsible for the 20 percent in additional to the difference approved and originally charged.

There are limitations that are not so easily defined, however. The best route to take is to discuss your Medicare options with your chiropractor’s office prior to receiving treatment.

When you hit any limitations of your Medicare plan, your chiropractor may be able to appeal your case with Medicare. If they are able to prove you require more sessions to properly heal, Medicare may respond accordingly. Ultimately, however, it is up to Medicare to determine whether you will be approved.

Keep in mind, acupuncture is not covered by Medicare. You can still receive the treatment, but bear in mind you’ll be responsible for the full cost more than likely.

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