Natural birthing websites frequently speak of the Webster Technique, which assists women in optimizing their pelvic function prior to giving birth. The Webster Technique adjusts any misalignment of the sacral nerve system function.

The technique was eveloped by Dr. Larry Webster in 1978 to assist pregnant women in maintaining balance of their pelvic muscles and ligaments.

Natural childbirth is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Women are exposed to rushed surgeons and maternity doctors who wish to speed up the birthing process and will use any means necessary to do so.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) a maximum of 15 percent of all childbirths should be performed by caesarean section. Unfortunately, that rate in the US is currently set at 35 percent.

Studies show that chiropractic care throughout pregnancy improves the mother’s health and can even contribute to an easier, safer childbirth without intervention.

Correct positioning of the baby in utero can actually decrease the baby’s potential for developing nerve and spine damage. These facts are obtained through Obstetric literature, which also shows the importance of normal pelvic function in relation to difficult birth.

Sacral dysfunction is a common occurrence during pregnancy and is directly related to an increase in hormones and weight gain. Posture changes often lead to low back pain and sciatic neuralgia, and can affect the baby’s development.

The Webster Technique uses light force to correct this misalignment. Gentle enough to be safely administered during pregnancy, and effective enough to balance the pelvic nerve system, this technique can contribute to easier birth.

The potential and safety of The Webster Technique has made it extremely popular amongst mothers who would like to give birth naturally. Chiropractic doctors are in big demand and even obstetricians suggest their techniques to their patients. This technique has the potential to transform modern natural birth.

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