The importance of maintaining a balanced weight is not to be understated. Some of us, however, struggle quite deeply with staying at a healthy weight.

One study from the CDC showed that over 78 million adult Americans suffer from obesity. Individuals who experience an injury that is directly related to their weight (as in a knee, back, or hip injury) only further complicate their journey to a healthy weight. 

If you’re trying to balance your weight and height, we’ve gathered up four specific tips to help you make the most of chiropractic care.

Start with Small goals

Instead of focusing on the long-term goal of reaching your ideal weight, start by honing in on your negative behaviors. Replace your soda drinking with water, opt for a high-protein breakfast instead of a pastry, or even choose frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Write Down What You Eat

Regardless of what you eat (even a mint) write it down in a food journal. Not only will this make you accountable for what you eat, but it also makes you more likely to opt for healthier foods throughout the day.

Anytime you hit a plateau with your weight loss read through your food journal to identify any issues in your diet that could have led to the problem.

Don’t Judge Your Success by the Scale 

It’s easy to get caught up in what the scale says, whether it is for the good or for the bad. Bad emotions raise stress hormones that only contribute to your struggle. Instead of weighing yourself daily, try to limit it to once a week at around the same time of day to get a more accurate weigh-in.

Get and Stay Active 

Medical conditions and injuries can limit a person’s ability to exercise to their fullest degree. However, it is still your responsibility to become more active than you are now. Stand up while you can, take the stairs if that’s possible, and park further than you would normally from the entrance of a store to get more exercise.

Your chiropractor can provide you with more in-depth information on what exercises you should undertake and which ones you should avoid. Your unique circumstances will definitely determine your exercise abilities, but the key is to keep things simple, be patient with yourself and do what you can to make the most of your situation.

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