Despite being similar to going to any other healthcare provider, going to the chiropractor is a mystery to many people. In most cases, you’ll find the setting very similar to the procedures and office setting as going to the doctor. The tables, however, are different. Designed to make spinal adjustments easier, these tables are unique to this particular healthcare treatment.

Most chiropractor visits involve an initial intake, physical examination, treatment, and follow-up plans.

How Does the Intake Process Go?

Similar to a medical intake process, you’ll be asked to complete a health questionnaire and be asked general questions about your health. Your chiropractor will also likely ask you where you are experiencing pain or discomfort based on a drawing he or she presents to you.

The Physical Exam

Next, you’ll be given a physical exam. It will begin with a regular physical examination with focus on your spine. The chiropractor will hone in on areas where you are complaining of pain or discomfort as well. Various assessments will be made based on a range of motion tests, reflexes, muscle strength and neurological or orthopedic tests.

What to Expect from Treatment Plans

After your assessment, your chiropractor will create a treatment plan that includes your injury or discomfort, general health, your spinal health, and what your goals and hope is for your treatment plan. The goal of your treatment should come through your discussion with your chiropractor. Some may simply be looking for relief from discomfort while others are seeking to improve their general health.

Your chiropractor will give you the status of your condition and put forth a recommended approach for improving your health. That in a nutshell, is what you can expect from going to a chiropractor.

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